paulo bittencourt

believes that theory and
practice must go hand in hand.

Has been undertaking for 25 years, is executive-teacher at Industrial Marketing School (São Paulo) and visiting professor at UNISINOS (Rio Grande do Sul).  Doing a doctorate in Strategic Design conducting research on theory of complexity, creative ecosystems and cultural social innovation.

andréa fortes

graduated in Communication
and artisan of relationships as a vocation.

With a Master Degree in Business Management, with extension in Paris (HEC) and Barcelona (EADA), is executive-teacher at Industrial Marketing School, writer, consultant, mediator of groups, facilitator holding a degree in Integral Theory. Blends threads ranging from Strategic Design to Anthroposophy, going through Systemic Constellations, The Artist Way and Gross National Happiness (GNH).

Sarau works in network, with transdisciplinary teams of co-authors, led by Paulo and Andréa.
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